The Technocracy has control of Reality and you, Mage of the Traditions, must survive and strike back on your path towards Ascension. But will you make it or will you turn to the Technocracy, become twisted by the Nephandi or worse?

The City awaits your arrival.

A Kind Of Magic utilizes a customized White Wolf RPG system, Open CG, meaning there is no approval required for any character so long as they are Traditions (including Hollow Ones) and Orphans. A small background is required, mainly to allow our Storytellers to know what you're looking to play and get out of the RP experience.

We are currently in Beta mode but are open for RP, code testing and the like. We are seeking Storytellers to fill the ranks of our staff. We are not looking for and are not interested in hiring Coders or Builders on any basis.

We do not support Vampire, Werewolf or any other oWoD system. If you are looking for a game that does, this game is not for you. If you are looking to play a Mage in a unique enviornment unlike most MU*s out there, all I can tell you is…

Welcome Home.

Visit us at Port 8003 ( 8003)

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