Name : Blaire
AKA: Belladonna, Nightshade

This young woman is dressed in a stylish outfit of black and charcoal gray. Her dark hair is long, falling to the middle of her back when unbound. She wears a skin-tight black bodysuit that covers her from ankles to wrist to throat, over it she wears a loose black shirt the sleeves of which are slitted and come to the middle of her forearm where they are snugly tied with black ribbons. Her dress looks to be made of silver and charcoal gray snakeskin belts, woven together in a lattice fashion tightly at her waist, then more loosely as the belts approach her knees, as the belts approach her calf they swing freely. Boots are laced up to the middle of her calf, the heels add two inches to her height, pushing her almost to five and a half feet. The skin of her hands and face is fair and porcelain smooth. Crystalline blue eyes gaze intently from beneath long lashes, her nose is angular as are her cheekbones giving her a slightly elfin look. Her lips are thin but expressive lined in deep colors complimenting her eye shadow and liner.

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