Frequently Asked (so they're not Assumed) Questions:

  • This FAQ looks sloppy. In fact, all of this looks sloppy. Is this game 'Alpha' or not?

We are technically in Alpha as we clean up some things, this site included. As we start to grow, we'll refine and clean things up. As it stands, its only myself and one other staffer at this point and things are going to be abit clunky to start with.

  • What is your game's address?

A Kind of Magic is located at Wolf-Brigade.com Port 4210 ( 4210)

  • What codebase and game system do you run on A Kind of Magic?

Our codebase at the time of this writing is Pennmush 1.8.3 patchlevel 13. We use a custom built game system coded by Magick that follows the Old World of Darkness standard and is modified to operate within our house rules.

  • Do you allow Mortal/Mortal+, Kindred, etc?


  • How loose is your system in comparison with standard White Wolf's Mage: The Ascension?

Quite abit. We mix oWoD Mage with Dark Ages and a little of the other 'genre' books (Vampire, Werewolf, etc.). Also we have our own Chargen setup (see the Chargen section for more) and simplifed the rules to our liking. Essentially, the Technocracy rules and the Mages who live within this city are rebels and outcasts meant to be hunted to extinction for the purposes of stability and order (Go Technocracy!). More as we go.

  • Can I play a Nephandi/Technocrat/Marauder?

Not out of Chargen. Your character can begin to follow the path towards corruption, betrayal, etc. but their 'transformation' must be played out over a period of time. How long is debatable but the pieces must be there and there must be a balance to it for the sake of the game. At time of this writing we are experimenting with Void Engineers as a possible playable group out of Chargen. We'll see how that goes.

  • Excellent! What if I want to play a Hit Mark?

Don't make me hit you.

  • Can I play Taftani/Solificati/Craftmasons?

You really hate us, don't you? :). If approved, these characters would be strictly side-characters and not meant to be a player's 'core' character, especially Taftani. Considering their design, their life expectancies (and those around them) could probably be best timed with a stopwatch)

  • Does A Kind of Magic accept ported characters?

For those who don't know the term, 'Porting' means using a character's sheet from another game and literally 'porting' them over to A Kind of Magic. To make it simple, no, we don't allow that. All characters (including Storytellers characters) start from Chargen.

  • Can I be the leader of a Tradition/Chantry/etc?

To make this simple, we keep control of all high-level Tradition/Technocrat/etc. characters in order to motivate RP or to use as plot elements. We keep control of this also to keep the game running and to limit potential damage done by those who play, reach a high level within their group and then….idle out. You know these people, you've seen these people and we make it so that you can not become one of these people and this is done on purpose. Leadership is a difficult role, even for those on the Storyteller staff. Real Life happens and when it does, it comes first. So, we make it easy on you. This isn't to say that you can't be a leader of something, it means we buffer it so that even if you vanish for six months, it won't keep anyone stalled…or make anyone upset at you.

  • Are you guys and gals from another World of Darkness (WoD) MUSH/MUCK/MUX/etc?

Honestly, this is the first WoD game of any kind I've ever played on. I'm an old school tabletop Mage Player/Storyteller (Thus why I use oWoD Mage - Makes sense now?). We're not a Revenge game, a sandbox or anything like that.

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