Our Character Generation system is a single-room, Open setup. Players may select any of the "Official" Nine Mystik Traditions as well as Hollow Ones (Which technically are a tradition) and Orphan (Self-Awakened and not a member of any single Tradition).

Players are given 40 points to construct their character, one point a level with a ceiling of 3 for Attributes, Skills, Backgrounds and Merits/Flaws.

  • Attributes automatically start with one point in each.
  • All Characters are given Arete 4, Willpower 5, Quintessence 10 and Paradox 0 and are not allowed in Chargen to raise or lower these or cash them in for points.
  • Players receive 4 points in Spheres (equal to their Arete level) to choose Spheres, one per level, up to a ceiling of 3. Be very wary of choosing a Sphere at 3 in Chargen, because even though you may be powerful in that Sphere that without Prime of at least 1, you won't be able to do anything with.
  • Players roll for how many languages they receive in Chargen. All characters are given one language automatically (English) and may trade it in for another language on the +LANGUAGES list. Note that you may only roll for additional languages once.
  • In regards to backgrounds, we only need a good idea of what your character is and some of their back history as their history and how you play them will change as you play, so writing pages and pages of text that will never get used is a waste of your time and effort that could be used in play, unless you want to write that much, of course. Even though you are required to play one of the allowable character types, you may include background if you want to eventually turn your character Technocracy/Nephandi/Marauder. Hey, once upon a time, they started somewhere, right?
  • Staff reserves the right to retroact Backgrounds on Characters for balance. If such a situation occurs, we will sit down and discuss with you the rationale and will work with you to make your character the most it can be on the game within reason. Having a Mage turn Nephandi is perfectly okay, but having a background where you're godlike with startup stats is abit…much. Any questions on this, feel free to ask, we don't bite….hard.

The above makes sense? Yes? Good! Now, the commands for Chargen:

The Commands in Chargen are as follows:

+INDEX - Gives you a list of EVERYTHING.
+NATURE <what> - Your Character's Nature.
+DEMEANOR <what> - Your Character's Demeanor
+TRADITION <what> - The Tradition you are a part of.
+RAISE <Sk/Att/Bg>=<BY> - Raises a skill/attribute/background by x points.
+LOWER <Sk/Att/Bg>=<BY> - Lowers a skill/attribute/background by x points.
+SRAISE <SPHERE>=<BY> - Raise a Sphere by one level. Note you start
with only as many points as you have in Arete.
+SLOWER <SPHERE>=<BY> - Lowers a sphere by that many points.
+MFADD <MERIT/FLAW> - Adds a Merit/Flaw to your +SHEET.
+MFREMOVE <MERIT/FLAW> - Removes Merit/Flaw.
+MF - Displays avaliable Merits/Flaws.
+ROLLLANG - Rolls to find out how many languages you get.
+ADDLANG <Language> - Adds language to your sheet.
+DELLANG <Language> - Removes language from your sheet.
+DESC <Descrption> - Sets your description. Descriptions must be at
least -50- words or more to qualify.

Once you have finished with all requirements in Chargen, you simply type +FINISH to complete your character and go IC. If you miss anything, the code will tell you what to fix.

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